Projections for 2023 at The stoney Shire

In light of this New Year and all the work put forth over the past few; we have finally come to the point where we can move into our most important side of the business.


Although we have many plans in place and for the future, there is one that takes priority over others. From the start, our core design is primarily focused on providing ease of access to learn and excel with whatever one desires within the vast world of art, crafts, talents and the trades.


We believe when someone achieves even the most minute successes from their own creative abilities and areas of interest; this enlightens a spark within that produces positive change and leads to a fruitful and joyful lifestyle.


So, that being said, alongside of The S.O.A.P. Box, we will be providing individuals with the tools necessary to develop and grow that of what interest them the most in the artisan world. We will be reaching out to schools and other local groups to find those individuals who would benefit the most from this element of our design.

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