Stoney Shire’s Website is Underway

For the time being, running the business in-house and expanding our online base is the most ideal option. This allows us to focus our expenditures and time towards growth and the stability of our platform.

As is, eBay takes 35% to 40% of our proceeds with their ad fees and final sales fees, so we really needed to expand our reach through different avenues. Our ideas are quite large and needless to say, they take an immense amount of money, time, dedication and resilience and maintaining the path, we’re on right now is very difficult, to say the least.

This new website will have on display thousands of Vintage, Antique and Collectable items that are sure to peak everyone’s interest. We also desire to have a Live Online Auction that will be hosted right from our creation studio, as well as keeping eBay’s style of auctions for those who are privier to their original bidding process.

If that wasn’t enough to entice you and our followers; we are well underway at creating a platform for our members to list their arts, crafts, creations or other products on the website.

The main objective is to provide many with a stable and ever-growing platform to showcase their creative abilities and talents. This is a large leap forward for our Social Enterprise, and we are certain this will play a big role in both the community and our platform as a whole.


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