The Birth of the Stoney Shire Design:

A Journey of Discovery and Passion

Over the years, Cory and I embarked on a personal journey, delving into our own artistic pursuits and honing our talents. Through countless conversations with individuals from all walks of life, we began to witness a common thread—a yearning among many to explore their own abilities and passions. It became evident that people felt lost, unsure of where or how to start their creative journeys. We observed the effects of the industrial revolution and the decline of small businesses, and it fueled our determination to make a difference.

From this realization, the concept of The Stoney Shire Project was born. Our dream is to provide a vast, historically rich land where others can unleash their creative potential. We envision a place that harks back to simpler times, offering a fusion of traditional craftsmanship, contemporary arts, and an alluring year-round marketplace. By incorporating performance art stages, campgrounds, and hosting weekly events, our aim is to captivate both the local community and tourists, transforming this endeavor into a museum-like experience.

However, we acknowledge that achieving this ambitious vision alone would be an overwhelming task. That’s why we believe collaboration is essential. The success of Stoney Shire hinges upon partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs and existing businesses, inviting them to establish satellite or scaled-down versions of their ventures on our plot of land. By working together, we can create an environment where aspiring entrepreneurs, including our youth, can explore their talents and showcase their crafts.

In today’s era, where we have strayed from our core essence, we consider Stoney Shire to be a vital necessity. Our vision extends far beyond our immediate community; we hope that our endeavor will inspire other communities to unite and reignite the spark of creativity and fulfillment. Stoney Shire’s reach holds the potential to foster collaboration, rejuvenation, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Stoney Shire:


What Stoney Shire Does for the Community:

Unleashing Creativity and Empowering Passion

Stoney Shire is a visionary conceptual design that continues to materialize day by day. This website serves as a significant step along our journey.

Through this platform, individuals can engage in buying, selling, and trading goods, all while contributing to our collective mission of providing equal opportunities for pursuing passions and ambitions.

Stoney Shire plays a pivotal role in boosting morale, promoting entrepreneurship, and strengthening the community. We offer a dynamic platform to showcase the work, talents, and philanthropic endeavors of individuals from all walks of life.

Our vision at Stoney Shire is expansive and far-reaching. We are driven by a deep reverence for the past, learning from it to forge a path towards a brighter future. We are dedicated to equipping creators and artists of all ages with the necessary tools to nurture and cultivate their talents.



Most of my life I have been a dreamer. I’ve studied the lives of countless people to see where I could fit into society and live a productive and creative lifestyle. Unfortunately, I have not found this for myself in our current system and the jobs that lie within. Sure, I have had many great jobs, but my passion falls within the area of inventing, woodworking and helping others achieve success with their own unique talents and abilities.

Always yearning for a mentor, tools and a platform to help hone my skills has helped inspire my part in the creation of The Stoney Shire. My wish is that this platform helps inspire many to follow their dreams and passions. I know there are many out there like me that would benefit immensely from design.


As an inspiring artist and performer in a large mix of areas, Cory has been diligently designing and fine tuning his skills on all fronts. His tenacity and strength resonates throughout his character and soul as he pushes past his obstacles day by day.

Life always has its ups and downs and misfortunes along the way and Cory knows this all too well. What Cory brings to the table is his pure resilience to ensure he can contribute largely to ease the burdens of many as they traverse through the artistic world.

Many years of thought, a countless number of hours, money, sweat and tears have been thrown at the design by Cory to accelerate the growth and reach of this platform. As Cory continues to craft his talents as an entertainer and content creator, he continually contributes his tools and knowledge into the Stoney Shire to be sure everyone can have the same opportunity that he is creating for himself.


Fostering Diversity, Collaboration, and Community Growth

Located just outside the historically rich town of Boonville, in the picturesque Adirondack Foothills of Upstate New York, we are dedicated to capturing the wonder and beauty of our natural and exotic environment, creating an extraordinary destination for all to revel in and cultivate their diverse range of talents.

As both a thriving tourist destination and a local hotspot, we are committed to providing people with a platform to sell and trade their work, fostering a vibrant marketplace of creativity.

At Stoney Shire, inclusivity is at the core of our design. We have intentionally created an innovative space where individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, or age, can come together and flourish.

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