Team at The Stoney Shire

The Team at The Stoney Shire has moved many items into Turin Road Treasures, in hopes to boost sales and outreach in the local community.

Here at the Stoney Shire Creation Center we have been pushing ourselves to the limits with all that our endeavors require. To be sure that the foundation for this Social Enterprise is well solidified, money and networking are key.

After a recent withdrawal from The Hulbert House and postponing The Stoney Shire Mercantile, we found ourselves with a lot of merchandise tagged and ready to go.

It wasn’t a hard decision to decide to rent a booth at Turin Road Treasures to help us sell our items and boost our revenue for the platform. While eBay is a somewhat stable source of income, they retain a large percentage of the proceeds to utilize their website.

There are many exciting and new ideas in the process, but at the moment with a small team, we have to be sure we don’t stretch ourselves thin. We can only hope working with Turin Road Treasures will ensure growth in our business and future endeavors.

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