Boonville Curators United: The Shire’s Emporium & Gallery on Main

Join us for The Shire’s Emporium & Gallery on Main, an enchanting showcase of local creativity at the Boonville BTS Block Party/Back Pack Distribution. This event celebrates the unique craftsmanship of our community’s talented artisans, offering you a delightful opportunity to explore and acquire one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Raffle Extravaganza:

Participate in our exciting raffle for a chance to win some incredible talent-based gear! We have curated a selection of prizes, that cater to various artistic interests, providing a boost to aspiring talents and seasoned artists alike. Some of the amazing prizes up for grabs include juggling kits, paint sets with easels, a beginners’ guitar set with a book, a camera basket for photographers, a 50/50 raffle, and much more.

Support Local Talent:

Your participation in the raffle directly supports our local artisans and helps them flourish. The funds raised through the raffle will contribute to the growth and development of the artistic community in Boonville. Your generous support goes a long way in nurturing creativity and empowering talented individuals to pursue their passions.

Join us at Boonville BTS Block Party/Back Pack Distribution, for a day filled with art, creativity, and community spirit. Don’t miss your chance to win fantastic talent-based gear while supporting our local artists!