The Idea Behind The Stoney Shire Design

 In the new era of machine-driven production and a number-based system in the work force; we are steered in a more corporate direction. Civilizations, Communities, Towns and Cities are being engulfed into this never ending design of the “daily grind.” 

Since the industrial revolution, our production soared; items and commodities that were hard to obtain became much easier to access. However, we slowly began to weed out the root of all communities and paved the way for larger businesses.

For every big door that opened, many smaller ones began to close which led to a large vacuum, driving the consumers to only be able to purchase and live in design laid out by the wealthy. We heavily rely on today’s technologies and the system set before us, and although things may seem bleak because of this, it’s these companies and corporations that rely on us in the end. However, the more we invest into this overall design the harder it becomes to purchase that of what our community and its members have to offer. 

These entities on the larger corporate level, create mind numbing media to mask us with an ever-growing cloud of distraction from our creative outlets and fulfilling work. With this uncanny absence and our slow descent away from our core gifts; we overindulge with instantaneous rewards produced out of corruption and greed. The reward center of our brains no longer thrive off our accomplishments through our gifts, but now begin to tick to the rhythm of societal norms.

From the earliest of times, we have all been gifted with a wide variety of unique talents and abilities; All put together we were able to work together and produce positive change in our community and the world as a whole. 

We can use the modern age of technology and combine it with all the interesting trades out there, creating something new while stepping farther away from the problem at hand.

It has been a lifelong search and passion of ours to reconnect our natural gifts, talents and trades using modern technology to bring back accomplishments for the individual as well as the community.

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