The Idea and Birth of the Stoney Shire Design

Through many years of trials and tribulations Cory and I, slowly started crafting our own arts and talents. It was through these years and many conversations with a tremendous amount of people; we realized how many people were lost and wanted to craft their own talents and abilities but didn’t know how or where to begin. Everywhere we looked we could see people slowly fall in line with the transformation after the industrial revolution and small businesses petering out.

Slowly an idea started to form within our minds and The Stoney Shire Project began to materialize. Our dream is to give others the opportunity to explore their talents and abilities on a large plot of land that is nostalgic and historically rich.

Bringing people back to an easier time with many workshops and trades of the past and present, mixed with an all-season marketplace and many other attractions is what this design encompasses. With performance art stages scattered throughout, campgrounds and events weekly, we are sure to attract the community and tourists to this museum-like enterprise.

This will give many entrepreneurs and our youth an excellent opportunity to explore their talents and sell their craft. However, this would be a tremendous cost to us if we were to try to achieve this alone. The whole design can only be accomplished by collaborating with many entrepreneurs and existing businesses and essentially just hosting satellite or smaller versions of their existing business on this plot of land.

We feel this is a necessity in our present era as we have been steering away from our core elements. Stoney Shire would have a large reach and hopefully inspire many other communities to work together and enlighten the spark of creativity and fulfillment once again.



What The Stoney Shire does for the Community

Stoney Shire is a conceptual design that is slowly to materializing day by day. This website is just one step along the way.

In this website others will be able to buy, sell and trade goods while also contributing to our efforts to provide an equal opportunity that allows many pursue their passions and ambitions. 

Stoney Shire will help boost morale, promote and strengthen entrepreneurs, and provide a platform to showcase others’ work, talents and philanthropic causes. 

The vision of Stoney Shire is large and broad. Our platform is driven to preserve the past and learn from it to create a road to a brighter future. We strive to supply creators and artists, of all ages, the tools necessary to grow their talents. 



Most of my life I have been a dreamer. I’ve studied the lives of countless people to see where I could fit into society and live a productive and creative lifestyle. Unfortunately, I have not found this for myself in our current system and the jobs that lie within. Sure, I have had many great jobs, but my passion falls within the area of inventing, woodworking and helping others achieve success with their own unique talents and abilities.

Always yearning for a mentor, tools and a platform to help hone my skills has helped inspire my part in the creation of The Stoney Shire. My wish is that this platform helps inspire many to follow their dreams and passions. I know there are many out there like me that would benefit immensely from design.



As an inspiring artist and performer in a large mix of areas, Cory has been diligently designing and fine tuning his skills on all fronts. His tenacity and strength resonates throughout his character and soul as he pushes past his obstacles day by day.

Life always has its ups and downs and misfortunes along the way and Cory knows this all too well. What Cory brings to the table is his pure resilience to ensure he can contribute largely to ease the burdens of many as they traverse through the artistic world.

Many years of thought, a countless number of hours, money, sweat and tears have been thrown at the design by Cory to accelerate the growth and reach of this platform. As Cory continues to craft his talents as an entertainer and content creator, he continually contributes his tools and knowledge into the Stoney Shire to be sure everyone can have the same opportunity that he is creating for himself.

Stoney Shire’s


Located just outside of the historically rich town of Boonville, nestled in the heart of the Adirondack Foothills in Upstate New York; we strive to bring the wonder and beauty of our natural and exotic environment and create an amazing destination for all to enjoy and grow in our diverse range of talents. 

Also, as a tourist destination and local hotspot, we want to give the people a chance to sell and trade their work. 

With this new and innovative idea, we designed it to allow everyone to come together with any background regardless of ethnicity, race, gender or age. 

The Shire will run and operate many small businesses like, The Stoney Shire Shop, Shires Recording Studio, The Shire’s House Cleanout and Preparation Services and much more. We will provide great opportunities for our partners and employees. With a multi collaborative approach with these businesses and many other local businesses and entrepreneurs, our services will fund Stoney Shire as a whole to allow it to keep growing.

Stoney Shire will allow individuals to focus on character and business development, while reaching out and giving back to the community. We hope to push forward with great strides to engage in an all-inclusive manner.


“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

-Robin Williams

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