How Stoney Shire Born?

To say Cory and I had a normal upbringing would be far from the truth. Our lives were filled with adventures and laughs, despite living in poverty. We certainly knew how to make the best out of life with what very little we had. Our friendship started in an odd and unpredictable way back in 3rd grade.

Cory and I were both targets of harassment and bullying by our soon to be peers on the school bus for many years, slowly they learned that it was easier and funnier to have Cory do the bullying for them knowing he was lacking what he thought were friends at the time. For many weeks Cory would mimic what they asked and began bullying me. However, Cory did not fit this behavior and I saw right through him. He was a kind gentle soul with a slight bit of a rage issue from all he had to put up with at home and in school.

One day I spontaneously decided to go ask him for his phone number, as he lived right up the road in an old cheese factory that was converted into a house. You can imagine how the conversation went I’m sure: “Hey Cory, what’s your phone number” Cory looks up stunned and a bit jaded, “Why, you going to tell on me”… “Nope I just want to come hang out” You can almost see his color change as if he saw a ghost, “Whaatt?”   and there it was, been best friends ever since.

Growing up unconventional we certainly saw the toll the world took on our parents and many others around us with the number system, taxation and corporate greed. We saw his mother give up her amazing talents as she could no longer compete with big business.

Through many years of trials and tribulations we slowly started crafting our own arts and ideas. It was through these years and many conversations with a tremendous amount of people; we realized how many people were lost and wanted to craft their own talents and abilities but didnt know how or where to begin. Everywhere we looked we could see people slowly fall in line with the transformation after the industrial revolution and small businesses petering out.

Slowly an idea started to form within our minds and The Stoney Shire Project began to materialize. Our dream is to give others the opportunity to explore their talents and abilities on a large plot of land that is nostalgic and historically rich.

Bringing people back to an easier time with many workshops and trades of the past and present, mixed with an all-season market place and many other attractions is what this design encompasses. With performances, arts stages scattered throughout, campgrounds and events weekly, we are sure to attract the community and tourists to this museum-like enterprise.

This will give many entrepreneurs and our youth an excellent opportunity to explore their talents and sell their craft. However, this would be a tremendous cost to us if we were to try to achieve this alone. The whole design can only be accomplished by collaborating with many entrepreneurs and existing businesses and essentially just hosting satellite or smaller versions of their existing business on this plot of land.

We feel this is a necessity in our present era as we have been steering away from our core elements. Stoney Shire would have a large reach and hopefully inspire many other communities to work together and enlighten the spark of creativity and fulfillment once again.



What Stoney does for the Community

Stoney Shire is a conceptual design for an ultimate Camp/Community Center. This Camp predicated upon the principles of growth in the community as a whole, while working on an individual level. This platform gives everyone an equal opportunity to pursue their passions and ambitions.

This multifaceted Camp/Community Center, driven to preserve the past and learn from it to create a road to a brighter future; while also supplying creators and artists with the tools necessary to grow their talents. We have acquired many unique, vintage and historical items, some of which are interactive displays. This will pull our minds to an easier time, a more creative time, and allow us to be in touch with the past, present and future of technologies and arts.

The Shire will operate much like that of a mall or flea market for all seasons. Our core design will be about individual growth in their talents and abilities and provide equal opportunity in the vast variety of entities.



Most of my life I have been a dreamer. I’ve studied the lives of countless people to see where I could fit into society and live a healthy and happy life style. Unfortunately, I have not found this for myself in our current system and the jobs that lie within. Sure I have had many great jobs, but my passion falls within the area of inventing, woodworking and helping others achieve success with their own unique abilities.

I have been creating most of my life from a very young age with bent nails, scrap wood and a rock for a hammer at the start and slowly inquired more tools and self taught knowledge from the young age of 11. Always yearning for a mentor, tools and a platform to help me hone my skills has helped inspire my part in the creation of The Stoney Shire; as I know there are many out there like me that would benefit immensely from a platform like this.

Stoney Shire’s


Stoney Shire will have the name Stoney Shire and in itself it will host many businesses with separate LLCs and Business Bank accounts, such as: Stoney Shire Museum, Stoney Shire Youth Camp, Stoney’s Green Houses.

The Stoney Shire will set up primitive versions and will maintain their sustainability at low cost until a potential investor, non-profit, charitable corporation or entrepreneurs, purchase the name and rent the lot in which it resides.

Potential buyers of each entity within the structure will have to maintain the name and fundamental principles put in place by Stoney’s Board Members.

Rent will vary upon scale and stages of the Stoney Shire’s development to ensure it’s stability and help fund future endeavors. This will ensure that as the Shire grows it will limit the Shire’s liabilities as renters will have to provide their own insurance.

Also with this and our very unique, nostalgic items, this system is built to attract and perpetually fund each entity for growth on an individual scale while consistently giving back to the community and all those you stumble upon the Stoney Shire. Each individual or corporation will have to be voted in by the board and adhere to the by-laws.


“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

-Robin Williams

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